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1) It's free.
2) It must be a computer voice that you have a legal right to use commercially.
3) It must not be a human voice audiobook. This site is exclusively computer voice audiobooks.
4) You must hold the copyright for the material in your audiobook.
5) It must not be porn, hate, etc. I reserve the right to reject any book without explanation. If I have any concern about your audiobook I may request a full version before listing.
6) I reserve the right to remove your listing at any time without explanation.
7) I am not involved in the sale of your book or collection of any fees. I simply provide a link from my site to yours or your distributor's listing.
8) You provide a cover image 250x250 pixels: png or jpg.
9) You provide a sound sample of about 5 minutes from your book: mp3.
10) You provide a link-address to your audiobook on your website or your distributor's listing of your audiobook.
11) You create a link on your site to https://duncansoftware.com.
12) Interested? Send an email to the address on the Contact page.
13) If you have a problem with any of my rules, contact me. I am reasonable.

How to Create an Audiobook

Using Kukarella.com

There are 2 types of audiobooks: human voice and computer voice. There is an abundance of data online describing the process of creating a human voice audiobook.

There is limited info on creating a computer voice audiobook. The ebook "Kukarelle -How To" describes the use of the Kukarella website (Kukarella.com) to create an audiobook. There are lots of sites offering computer voices but I chose Kukarella for the breadth and depth of voices available as well as the cost.

The chapters in the book are:

1) Pros and Cons of Computer Voice Audiobooks
2) Getting Started
3) Your First Project.
4) Correcting Errors
5) Effects (A method of changing the voice.)
6) Table Reads (For creating multivoice audiobooks.)
7) Text Massager for Kukarella (A free program that assists in preparing text.)
8) Audacity (Instructions for using this free audio editing program.)

This ebook will save you more in time than the $2.99 cost of the book.

Purchase for $2.99