When Lives Collide
  • Could you walk away from your perfect mate because you loved her?
  • Would you leave if she was in danger?
  • Would you stay if it put your life at risk?

Middle East terrorists want this military surgeon dead. Mustered out and running for her life, she moves to the forests of Canada. At this inconvenient time she meets the perfect man, except he is twice her age. Unknown to them, a brilliant rookie cop is tracking the terrorist hit-man. Who will survive when their lives collide?


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  • Would you mutilate your rapist knowing he would immediately kill you?‚Äč
  • Would you become a full-time criminal after a huge lottery win?
  • Would you seek a sibling you only think exists if it would expose the parents you love as criminals?

They have had an empty feeling in their hearts since birth. Someone is missing in their lives. Speaking different languages, and growing up on different continents, identical twin sisters are seeking to find each other, not knowing that it will put their lives in extreme danger.

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  • Could you murder your brother to save your country?
  • Hitler's scientists knew about the potential of a nuclear bomb.
  • They knew the theory for the creation of the bomb.
  • Why didn't the Nazis have a bomb?

A brilliant female physicist working on the bomb in America leaves her job against orders. She struggles to get to Europe where, for personal reasons, she volunteers for a suicide mission to stop Hitler's atomic bomb.

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The Old Bold Pilot
They have called the search for the missing plane off without success. Steve searches a different area alone in his own plane. A glint through the trees causes him to land and hike into the spot where he has seen the glint. However, he stumbles upon a drug smuggling operation with a unique method of moving drugs across the border. He gets caught and his future looks limited.

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